Our course project will be a gentle introduction to a topic not directly covered in class. You will introduce the topic to your fellow classmates. The topic can be a subtopic of a topic we covered in class or something not covered in class at all.

Since there are roughly 25 students in this class, and every student will give a 10 minute presentation, our projects will be due by the end of our scheduled final exam minus 250 minutes of class time.


You will

  1. create a Jupyter notebook,

  2. deliver a 10 minute presentation using 1., and

  3. provide a compliment of every other students project

The Jupyter notebook is intended to help your classmates follow along your introduction to your chosen project idea. Your introduction should provide context to the (sub)topic and provide at least two reasonable examples.

Your notebook and compliments will submit via GitHub in separate Jupyter notebooks. I’d like to automate (as much as possible) the distribution of everyone’s compliments, so there will be strict, and as of yet undetermined, structure to follow for the compliments.

Project Ideas

Below is a list of project ideas and/or resources, including some ideas that have already been taken (those with a 🚫). The not taken project ideas are up for grabs. You may also use the list to help you think of other project ideas not listed here.

If I have/find some good resources, I’ll list them underneath each project idea.